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Mixhub By LGND


Music production has become more accessible than ever thanks to the numerous virtual instruments (VST) available on the market. While many VST instruments require a substantial financial investment, there are still some hidden gems that offer excellent performance without having to open your wallet. In this article, we'll explore the best free VST instruments of 2023 that will let you unleash your musical creativity without spending a dime. Whether you're an electronic music producer, soundtrack composer, or musician looking for new sounds, these free resources will prove to be indispensable in your musical arsenal.

1. Native Instruments Complete Start

Komplete Start is a collection of free plugins brought to you by Native Instruments. It includes a huge range of high quality virtual instruments, samples and sounds. With Komplete Start, you'll have access to synths, pianos, drums, basses, and so much more. It's an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to explore music production without breaking the bank.

2. Spitfire LABS

Spitfire Audio is renowned for its top quality virtual orchestral instruments. Their LABS series offers free VST instruments that cover a huge range of sounds, including pianos, strings, woodwinds, percussion, and so much more. Each instrument is crafted with care and delivers exceptional sonic performance.


Vital is a free VST plugin that has rapidly gained popularity in the world of music production. Created by Matt Tytel, this software synthesizer offers an impressive array of features, allowing users to create unique and immersive sounds. It stands out for its power and versatility. It features an advanced sound engine that combines wavetable, FM, subtractive and granular synthesis. With intuitive graphics and a well-designed user interface, it is accessible even for beginners, but also offers advanced customization options for more experienced professionals.

4. Dexed 

If you are a lover of vintage FM synthesizer sounds from the 80s, Dexed is a VST instrument that you can't miss. This Yamaha DX7 synthesizer emulator offers a huge range of rich and complex sounds. Dexed will allow you to create unique and experimental sounds without having to spend a dime.

5. TAL-NoiseMaker

TAL-NoiseMaker is an extremely versatile and powerful virtual synthesizer. It offers a huge range of ready-to-use presets, but also lets you create your own sounds thanks to its many modulation options and built-in effects. With TAL-NoiseMaker, you will be able to obtain unique and interesting sounds for your musical productions.