Mixhub By LGND
Mixhub By LGND

Find a catchy tune:

A catchy tune is key to capturing the audience's attention. Try to create a tune that is catchy and easy to remember. Experiment with different chord progressions and melodies, using different scales to add variety and interest. Be careful to strike a balance between familiarity and originality, so your song stands out but is still accessible to an audience.

Write meaningful texts:

Song lyrics play a crucial role in engaging the listener emotionally. Try to write copy that is authentic and meaningful, whether it's about your personal experiences or about universal themes that the audience can easily relate to. Try to avoid clichés and express your emotions in a unique and original way. Remember that sincerity and honesty in your lyrics can make an audience deeply connect with your music.

Take care of production:

Production plays a huge role in bringing your song to life. Make sure you put the time and energy into the production, paying attention to every sonic detail. Experiment with different instruments, sounds and arrangements to create an immersive atmosphere. Pay attention to the balance of sound levels, the cleanliness of the mix and the final mastering. If you lack production skills, you may consider partnering with a producer or sound engineer to get the most out of it.